Join us for the Soul Sparkle Summit
March 8-10, 2019 
The Plaza Hotel, New York City
This is an event for you, women of the world, who are called to serve in a bigger way!
If you are a dreamer, a light bringer, a magic maker, an adventure seeker, a love giver, come.
If you are a VISIONARY LEADER with a big heart and big dreams, come
Together, we can create the world we want to live in. 
We are gathering together as a collective of women leaders from around the world to serve the women of the world and we would love for you to join us if you feel called.

This will be a weekend of sisterhood and celebration along with tools, resources, connections, and support to get you to the next level in your business and life. Think Business Summit with Soul. We are welcoming in a new paradigm of women that truly support each other. TRUE support. Like the kind of sisterhood that we have all been craving our whole lives. The kind there you know with certainty that you are seen. 

You are known. You are loved. You are supported. Where there is nothing but love and celebration when you create something amazing and support when you need help making it happen.
Do you have women in your life that support your dreams and your deepest hearts desire? 
We want you to have the opportunity to surround yourself with incredible women that want only what is your highest and best, love... A place that you can speak your dreams out loud and allow us to hold the space and intention for you... To share the visions of what you see for other sisters so that they may be able to step into the highest version of themselves as well.
Hayley Hunter Hines

Cameo Gore

Kate Butler
Chantelle Adams
Join us March 2019 in New York City for an incredible weekend!
This is an inspirational and transformational experience for women that feel called to serve the women of the world. We will come in CELEBRATION. In SOLIDARITY. In SISTERHOOD. This will be an experience of connection, support, and SOUL Centered Leadership. This is for women leaders ready to RISE into a new realm of visibility and service to the world. 

Are you feeling the call to step into the next level of your life and your leadership in a powerfully feminine way? 
This is for you.
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